'Off the record' Icann/VeriSign deal under fire

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'Off the record' Icann/VeriSign deal under fire

Go Daddy calls for greater accountability.

Domain registrar Go Daddy urged Senate lawmakers this week to protect the integrity of the internet by keeping it under control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann).

But the registrar also called for greater accountability and transparency among leaders of the internet's governing board.

Christine Jones, Go Daddy's general counsel, testified before a US Congressional subcommittee which is reviewing current governance of the internet and the future of Icann.

Jones alleged a pattern of conduct by Icann and .com domain manager VeriSign which has violated the trust of internet users worldwide and threatened consumer confidence.

"Unfortunately, Icann has yet to commit to, or is unable to commit to, openness, transparency and accountability," she said.

"The manner in which the new .com agreement was negotiated is a relevant example of Icann and VeriSign getting together, off the record, creating a mutually beneficial policy, and then boldly announcing that they had made a decision without input from stakeholders."

Go Daddy recommends that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration slow down the .com management renewal process between Icann and VeriSign.

This would ensure that internet consumers are getting what the registrar believes to be a fair deal with significant reinvestments in internet infrastructure to protect the future of the vital communication network.
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