Nokia takes on Nintendo

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Nokia has pulled the covers off a slew of new mobiles, including a new model that is more Gameboy than phone.

The new N-Gage model, which will be available in February, will take Nokia into new territory, with the company saying it will become a publisher of games for the unit, developing titles with Japanese firm Sega.

Nokia has Nintendo's Gameboy Advance firmly in its sights. "Nintendo is the one owning this market," Nokia executive vice president for mobile phones Anssi Vanjoki told the Reuters news service.

The N-Gage will allow multi-player games over short range Bluetooth connections or over the wider mobile network.

Nokia also unveiled more traditional mobiles, including the 6800 model which has a cover that opens up into a full keyboard. Nokia also announced the 7250 phone with built-in camera, as well as the 5100, 8910i, 2100 and 6100 models.

Nokia claims it has already delivered over one million units of its first camera phone – the 7650- and said it is on track to ship more than three million of the model by the end of the year.

Vanjoki said the new models will further cement Nokia's position in the mobile market. "We're convinced we're going to gain market share," he said, but would not say when the company will reach its frequently stated goal of 40 percent share of the worldwide mobile market.

Nokia currently holds around 36 percent of the global mobile market.


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