Mozilla snubs Android

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Mozilla snubs Android

Executives at the Mozilla Foundation have decided not to bother with making Firefox Mobile work with Google Android.

Instead the cunning plan is to produce a Linux native edition of Firebadger Mobile for the Nokia Internet Tablet.

After that it will look at producing versions for touchscreen and non-touchscreen editions of Windows Mobile.

Mozilla's director of mobile engineering Christian Sejersen said that he was spurning Android and there were no plans to port Firefox Mobile to it "now or in the near future".

Symbian, on the other hand, will be next up after Windows Mobile versions are up and running.

Those who were hoping that the iPhone might get a look-in are also doomed. Firefox is deemed evil in the sight of Steve Jobs and has been cast into outer darkness.

Jobs is said to have declared that Firebadger violates Apple's primary SDK rule of no third party duplication of core iPhone functionality.
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