Most spammed man

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Most spammed man

A list of the five most spammed people in Britain, found one person received 44,000 unwanted emails a day.

A British anti-spam company has released a list of the five most spammed people in Britain, with the number one spot going to a guy who gets over 44,000 unwanted mails a day. Interestingly, three of the top five on the list use Orange as their ISP.

ITWire reported that the service ClearMyMail has just released a list of its most spammed clients, with Colin Wells, a British bus company workshop foreman, being the ‘proud’ owner of the first-place position, receiving a whopping 1,338,363 pieces of spam a month, which works out at 16,060,365 junk mails a year.

The second most spammed individual, by ClearMyMail’s tally, also uses Orange as their Internet service provider and gets 13,578 unwelcome lottery winning, Nigerian scam and organ enlarging solicitations a day. Third, fourth and fifth place positions get 12,428, 5,760 and 3,982 junk mails a day respectively.

Although hard to establish a link between a person’s choice of ISP and the amounts of spam they receive, the fact that Orange users seem to account for 80 per cent of the spam recorded by ClearMyMail looks a bit fishy.

Wells told ITWire that before he signed up to ClearMyMail, it was taking him at least two hours a day to delete all the spam from his inbox.

He explained, "taking a week’s holiday would have been a complete nightmare”.

Now that’s what we call Spamalot. µ

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