Mobotix unveils security door camera that can be accessed anywhere in the world

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Mobotix unveils security door camera that can be accessed anywhere in the world

Like something out of a James Bond film, the Mobotix IP Video Door Station lets you see over the Internet who's at the front door, even if you're in another country.

The German-based company Mobotix showcased the Mobotix T24 IP Video Door Station and Hemispheric Q24 IP camera in Sydney this week.

Mobotix, which recently enjoyed a 130 percent sales growth in Japan, is hoping to replicate this success in Australia. “[We want] the same success everywhere”, says Asian Pacific sales director Graham Wheeler.

One of the more interesting products on display at the conference was the Mobotix T24 IP Video Door Station. As its full name implies, the T24 is an IP-based surveillance system designed for the front entrance of properties.

Mobotix's Jens Wirok unveils the T24 Door Station.

It comes equipped with an integrated doorbell and light-up buttons, is weather-proof and conforms to the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP and H.264. The door station works in conjunction with an IP video phone, which controls the camera, door locks, lights and video recordings.

When the doorbell rings, an encrypted network connection is established with a VoIP video phone, PC or tablet device; allowing the owner to interact with the person on ther doorstep from anywhere in the world.

According to Mobotix, the door module will remain functional between temperatures of -30 to +60 °C, so you’ll be able to see who’s knocking at your door even during a nuclear apocalypse.

The Hemispheric door camera boasts a resolution of 3.1 megapixels and comes with a MicroSD card slot for internal recordings. Recordings start automatically when the door bell is rung, or when movement is detected in front of the doorway (up to 10,000 clips can be stored at any one time).

The camera’s fisheye lens provides a panoramic view of the building’s entrance (wall to wall and floor to ceiling) as well as the surrounding area. Subsequently, there are no blind spots for people to hide in and it’s therefore virtually impossible to sneak past this camera. For added security, a text message is automatically sent to the property owner when motion is detected. A live video connection is also established via the Internet whenever someone rings the doorbell and no one is at home.



Mobotix T24 Door Station.

Handily, the camera automatically converts the fish-eye view into a traditional 2D view, which makes it easier for the human eye to take in. Users can digitally zoom, pan and tilt the camera view in real-time while still recording the entire image.

When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. This allows for two-way video chats from around the world. Users can also unlock the door to let people in with the press of a button. Trusted people can gain entrance by typing a PIN code into the keypad module or using an RFID transponder. You can also leave digital voice messages at the door station which will play when someone enters or presses the doorbell.

The door station is easy to install, requiring just one Ethernet cable or two bell wires. Because it works over an IP connection, users can view live surveillance from anywhere. Mobotix’s Director of National and International Training, Lutz Wirok, showed us how the station interacts seamlessly with a PC tablet.

Wirok demonstrates how the T24 camera can be monitored live using a PC tablet.

Mobotix caters to a wide range of clients and industries, including penal systems, hospitality, casinos, mining and banking. In addition, over 25 city centres currently use Mobotix’s network-based video security solutions, including Manly, Dubbo and Orange County.

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