Microsoft touts marriage of BizTalk and RFID

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Microsoft touts marriage of BizTalk and RFID

Redmond teams up with Alien Technology.

Microsoft has teamed up with radio frequency identification (RFID) firm Alien Technology to develop its BizTalk RFID platform.

The companies are using the Microsoft BizTalk RFID platform and Alien RFID devices to deploy a system called iSUM developed by tech firm Xterprise.

ISUM is designed to provide a platform for tracking assets across the supply chain, and for enabling organisations to improve supply chain visibility.

"The confluence of enterprise-class Gen 2 RFID readers, highly capable infrastructure software such as BizTalk RFID, and implementation of best practices developed in collaborative settings, will be essential to the continued rapid global adoption of RFID," said Susan Pearson, vice president of alliances at Alien Technology.

Steve Sloan, senior product manager in the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft, added: "We have worked closely with Alien and Xterprise to implement BizTalk RFID and Alien RFID readers in the iSUM application."
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