Lite-On claims DVD burner speed record

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Lite-On claims DVD burner speed record

World's first 20x DVD burner offers 1.5Gbps transfer rate.

Disk drive manufacturer Lite-On has unveiled what it claims is the world's fastest DVD writer.

The LH-20A1S internal drive is set to be the first 20x DVD burner with a serial ATA interface. The device, which allegedly packs a 1.5Gbps transfer rate, will hit the shelves mid-February at a recommended price of £32 ($80).

Lite-On's other device, the LH-20A1PU, also due out in February with a £45 ($112.50) price tag, claims to be the world's fastest external DVD burner at 20x.

The external drive features one-touch recording through two buttons on the drive case, one to set it running to make a disc to disc copy and the other to burn an image to a folder. Both drives can burn all types of DVD media.
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