Lemonade out to squash BlackBerry

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Lemonade out to squash BlackBerry

Isode's Lemonade server could knock RIM off the top spot.

RIM's BlackBerry faces a new challenge to its dominance of mobile email from Isode's Lemonade server. 

Isode claims that its server is the first to incorporate all of the recommendations for phone and PDA email as laid down by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

The Isode products are currently used by governments, intelligence agencies, military organisations and ISPs.

The company believes that its software update to its M-Box email server will challenge RIM's dominance of the mobile email market.

The IETF established the License to Enhanced Mobile Oriented and Diverse Endpoints (Lemonade) working group to address the efficiency of email services for bandwidth-limited and storage-restricted devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The solutions offered by the Lemonade working group are based on open standards. The standards are publicly available, platform independent, vendor neutral specifications that address an industry-wide problem and do not depend on any commercial intellectual property.

They were designed to minimise the bandwidth requirements of mobile email. Hence the primary cost factor of mobile email is reduced, more functions are enabled and performance efficiencies are achieved that contribute to a better u ser experience.

The standards were published at the end of June 2006. According to Isode, this contributed to a drop in RIM's share price.

The M-Box supports push email, so that users are instantly notified when they have a new message.

M-Box has now implemented the Lemonade profile which informs users that new messages have arrived even when there is no other activity taking place between the mobile device and the server.

It does this by exchanging a tiny data packet every 15 minutes with the mobile device.

M-Box is offered as the mobile email solution to all email service providers, including ISPs, mobile operators and corporations that run their own mail servers.

Release 12 of M-Box incorporates all the Lemonade criteria, establishing it as the first commercially available email server that is fully compliant with the IETF's recommendations for bandwidth-efficient and cost-effective mobile email.

M-Box can be used as a complete email solution or in gateway mode to give IMAP access to email systems that only offer traditional POP access.
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