'Juvenile' attack downs PM, ACMA websites

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'Juvenile' attack downs PM, ACMA websites

Broadband minister's site takes collateral damage.

Web sites for the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), fell victim to a DDoS attack last night.

A group of protesters calling themselves Anonymous apparently launched the attack to protest against the Government's proposed web filter, which the group describes as "Draconian internet censorship".

According to the AAP, both the Prime Minister's and the ACMA websites were offline for about an hour from 7.20pm. Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy's website was also attacked but remained accessible.

On his way into Parliament House this morning, Conroy reportedly described the attack as 'Juvenile'.

An ACMA spokesman told iTnews the incident was being investigated but had no further details.

The protest group yesterday posted a warning on the inquisitr website, claiming it was "declaring war on the Australian Government".

Last month, Anonymous posted a video on Youtube that described Rudd as a "tyrant" for attempting to censor the internet. "This is why we, Anonymous, have decided that this censorship plan should be among our primary targets for elimination," said a computer generated voice in the video.

The group was demanding the Government "abolish" its plan to filter the web and called for the resignation of Broadband Minister Conroy.


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