iPhone 3G is 'no market changer'

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iPhone 3G is 'no market changer'

The new iPhone 3G is "no market changer" and the slew of new features does little more than help Apple keep up with the competition, according to an analyst..

Info-Tech Research Group believes that the addition of 3G, GPS and third-party applications simply allow Apple to match key competitors like RIM and other smartphone manufacturers.

"This iPhone will keep Apple in the game and allow it to continue to take market share from other smartphone manufacturers," said Mark Tauschek, senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group.

"3G is now virtually ubiquitous in the US after AT&T finished its 3G network this month, so Apple pretty much had to come out with a 3G iPhone to keep up."

Although not revolutionary, some of the new features will expand the iPhone 3G's appeal, particularly in the business arena.

"With the addition of 3G and enterprise functionality, like push Exchange email and remote wipe capabilities, iPhone v.2 is a much more compelling choice for enterprise users," said Tauschek.

"The line between consumer and business use continues to be blurred, and Apple looks to be doing a good job of balancing the two usage scenarios."

Furthermore, the new pricing structure struck with carriers will lead to higher subsidies, which means that the new iPhone will start at $199 the world over, further adding interest from consumers.
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