Internode beats download blues with Data Blocks

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Internode beats download blues with Data Blocks

Internode has launched a download quota ‘top up’ program.

National broadband service provider Internode has launched a download quota ‘top up’ program that provides its customers with an alternative to excess charges through ‘Shaping’.

Internode will allows its home and SOHO customers to purchase extra download ‘Data Blocks’ on demand, for occasions when they might otherwise exceed their month download allowance. This lets them continue downloading at full-speed without unplanned costs or their speed reduced.

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said Data Blocks an alternative to excess fees and dovetails perfectly with Shaping. Unlike excess fees, the customer consciously commits to extra costs.

“If the customer exceeds their download allowance and prefers to work within the constraints of Shaping, there is no extra cost. If they want their service to remain full-speed, they can buy data blocks. If their download habits change permanently, of course, they can just change plans.”

Customers nearing their monthly quota limit can buy a 'block' of data online to continue surfing without having their speed slowed to 64 or 128 kilobits per second (depending on the plan).

Alternatively, if they are already over quota and subject to Shaping controls, they can buy a Data Block to have Shaping removed and return to normal speed.

Data Blocks are purchased 'on demand' and are billed monthly in arrears on a customer’s broadband account. Like the monthly download allowances, Data Blocks must be used within the current month.

Prices for Data Blocks range from $5 for one Gigabyte to $90 for 30 Gigabytes.
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