Intel unveils mobile phone technology

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Intel has taken the wraps off its new line of mobile phone technology, which allows better gaming performance, power saving and digital imaging capability.

Codenamed Bulverde, the new technology will find its way onto Intel's X-Scale processor line, commonly used in PDAs and mobile phones.

The new features are borrowed from existing notebook and desktop processor lines. SpeedStep -- first seen in Intel's mobile Pentium III CPUs -- will now feature on the X-Scale, allowing real-time voltage and frequency changes to preserve battery life.

MMX technology, first introduced in the original Pentium, will also be incorporated onto the chip. Dubbed Intel Wireless MMX, the technology will bring audio and video enhancements that Intel hopes will increase gaming performance, video streaming and voice recognition. Wireless MMX was originally announced last year.

Other features include Intel's Quick Capture feature, which allows higher quality video and still camera sensors to produce higher resolution images (up to four megapixel) and higher quality video capture.

Expect more information on Bulverde early 2004.

David Kidd travelled to the Intel Developer Forum courtesy of Intel.


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