Intel doubles up on mobile computing

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Intel doubles up on mobile computing

Intel on the second day of its Intel Developer Forum conference in Beijing shifted focus to mobile platforms.

Talking up its upcoming Santa Rosa mobile platform, the chipmaker said that the new version of its Centrino platform will start shipping in May. In additional to upgraded processor and chipset requirements, the platform also will introduce pro-standard 802.11n WiFi networking and offer Intel Turbo Memory as an optional feature.

Intel Turbo Memory was previously known by its Robson codename. It adds a flash memory chip that is used to pre-fetch data from the hard drive or store system data when a computer is put in hibernation mode. Storing commonly accessed data on the flash module reduces the need for the hard drive to spin, thereby cutting back power consumption for mobile systems.

A next update for Santa Rosa systems is scheduled for the first half of 2008, when the platform will be upgraded with a 45nm processor.

By the second half of next year Intel will replace Santa Rosa with Montevina. The platform will be the first support both integrated Wi-Fi and integrated WiMax technologies and its components will shrink about 40 percent. Intel hopes that the size reduction will yield a new series of product in the mini and sub-notebook segments.

WiMax is currently available through special add-in cards only. The technology promises wide range wireless connectivity for rural areas where DSL and other wired technologies aren't a viable option, or for developing nations that lack a wired infrastructure.
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