iiNet-owned ISPs revamp on-net ADSL plans

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iiNet-owned ISPs revamp on-net ADSL plans

Changes rolling out.

ISP iiNet and its subsidiary brands Internode, Westnet and TransACT have revised a range of on-net ADSL2+ plans with increased quotas or price cuts.

The changes were announced yesterday by Internode in a blog post; in iiNet's case, customers noted quota updates in the 'toolbox' self-service portal, though there has been no official announcement by the company.

Westnet changes were flagged in a post to broadband forum Whirlpool.

An iiNet spokesperson told iTnews that the changes "will have a positive affect on more than 200,000 iiNet group customers."

For iiNet users, quotas on three of the four Naked Home plans have increased, according to a comparison of critical information summaries by iTnews. The top-of-the-range plan now comes with a terabyte of data, for $10 a month less.

Naked DSL plans Old Quota  New Quota Price (Per Month)
Naked Home Value 100GB 100GB $59.95
Naked Home-1 200GB 250GB $69.95
Naked Home-2 400GB 500GB $89.95
Naked Home-3 600GB 1000GB $109.95 (was $119.95)

On-net home ADSL plans for iiNet and Westnet see similar quota changes, with a $10 cut price cut on the high-end plan. The following comparison table applies to both ISPs.

ADSL plans Old Quota  New Quota Price (Per Month)
Home-1 50GB 50GB $39.95
Home-1 with Phone 100GB 100GB $29.95
Home-2 100GB 125GB $59.95
Home-2 with Phone 200GB 250GB $49.95
Home-3 200GB 250GB $79.95
Home-3 with Phone 400GB 500GB $69.95
Home-4 400GB 500GB $99.95
Home-4 with Phone 1000GB 1000GB $89.95 (was $99.95)

Data packs have also changed at all four ISPs, a spokesperson confirmed. 


Internode is the only iiNet-owned ISP with on-net ADSL offerings to officially announce the quota changes in an extensive blog post.

Changes to its Easy Broadband ADSL2+ products affect only users on the higher-end plans: the 50GB, 100GB and 200GB tiers remain unchanged. The prices are broadband-only — discounts still apply when bundled with a Nodeline phone service.

Easy Broadband Plans Old Quota  New Quota Price (Per Month)
Easy Broadband 300 (renamed 400) 300GB 400GB $79.95
Easy Broadband 600 (renamed 1200) 600GB 1200GB $109.95
Easy Broadband 1200 1200GB 1200GB $109.95 (was $139.95)

Internode has made similar changes to its Easy Naked plans.

Easy Naked Plans Old Quota  New Quota Price (Per Month)
Easy Naked 300 (renamed 400) 300GB 400GB $89.95
Easy Naked 600 (renamed 1200) 600GB 1200GB $109.95 (was $119.95)
Easy Naked 1200 1200GB 1200GB $109.95 (was $149.95)

It also announced it has revamped and renamed its Easy Bundle 300 plan to Easy Bundle 400, bringing with it a 100GB monthly increase in quota.

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