IBM: We're gettting out of the security business

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Veteran IBM executive Val Rahmani, just six weeks into the post of General Manager of IBM Internet Security Systems, uses RSA keynote to appeal for end to siloed security thinking.

“CSOs’ must emerge from the management hinterland. A new breed of CSO is emerging that will be the steward of security across the entire business. We need to shift mindset from IT security to secure business.” she said.

Rahmani, who was handpicked to work with former CEO Lou Gerstner's side in 1996, said that security could no longer be treated as a separate entity.

“The security industry still looks like it did 20 years ago with point products for point problems. It is no longer sustainable for security spending to be three time IT spend.” she told delegates. “Most of today’s AV products can’t stop today’s threats.”

Rahmani said that IBM is preparing for the advent of secure internet based computing and that meant delivering solutions that would create sustainable businesses despite the ever present malware threat.

“This will be a world where everyone is infected but can still work and transact securely. Sustainability will form the competitive battlefield in the 21st century.” she said.


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