IBM unveils data protection smoke screen

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Data masking technology hides confidential information from prying eyes.

IBM has released a new data masking solution that aims to prevent the theft of confidential information.

The technology identifies sensitive information such as credit card or Social Security numbers and masks the data from the end user in the same way as a password is displayed as dots when entered.

IBM touted the technology as way to allow developers and software testers to go about their work without being able to view valuable information.

"The new data masking solution can help companies take advantage of internal and external talent and resources available around the world, and enhance the security and privacy of critical data," said Martin Marut, a partner with IBM Global Business Services.

"Our solution can help improve the development and testing processes by making real data available, but in such a way that protects the integrity and privacy associated with highly sensitive information."

The technology requires WebSphere Information Analyzer and WebSphere DataStage software, and is sold as part of Big Blue's Business Intelligence portfolio.
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