IBM cultivates greener server farms

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IBM cultivates greener server farms

Billion dollar investment to cut energy waste.

IBM is launching a US$1bn investment initiative designed to cut wasted energy by doubling the efficiency of data centres. 

Data centres consume a large amount of resources thanks to the electricity needs of servers and the air conditioned environments in which they are stored.

The programme will include increased use of virtualisation software to consolidate the operations of multiple machines onto a single computer.

It will also involve liquid-cooling systems and software to regulate how quickly servers switch to power-saving standby mode.

IBM currently operates eight million square feet of data centres around the world. The firm plans to roll out the new technologies and services in its own data centres, as well as those of its corporate customers. 

Big Blue said that the $1bn earmarked for the project does not represent an increased investment and that the money will be reallocated from other areas.
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