HP broadens its scope with Exstream acquisition

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HP broadens its scope with Exstream acquisition

Computer giant HP has obtained Exstream Software, which provides software to streamline the creation and delivery of personalized documents.

The deal gives HP an edge in the Variable Data Publishing (VDP) software market, which allows users to create and distribute personalized documents for business communication.

The software also allows for documents to include rich media, including audio and video, published on print, mail, and online platforms.

Exstream expects the merger to tie in perfectly with HP’s already established Print 2.0 plan, which aims to give users more autonomy in creating, sharing, and publishing digital content.

“Consider the growing and different forms of rich media – for example, text, audio & video -- content at play within the enterprise today,” said the company's International Sales Manager Gregg Rabenold.

“Our intent is to be at the forefront of helping enterprises extend digital content creation, usage and output via a variety of publishing platforms, such as online, mobile or print.”

HP announced the acquisition earlier this year, and Exstream sees its integration into the HP family as just a piece of the puzzle for providing customers they tools they need.

“The companies that succeed and thrive in the market will not be software or hardware vendors or even companies that do both,” said Rabenold.

“The companies that succeed will be the ones who provide solutions; effectively using technology to solve complex business challenges.”

“What HP and Exstream will be able to do together is much larger than the sum of the components.”

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