HackersBlog team retire from active service

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The team behind the hackers blog website have decided to end their activities.

In a final posting on the website, the HackersBlog team claimed that they get ‘bored extremely fast when it comes to projects dealing with hacking and security' and were pulling the plug because they do not have the time and desire to continue.

The team said: "We didn't manage to publish enough articles and/or explanations/tutorials for our readers but still, we set the stage and for sure others will follow in short time.

"It's not difficult. There will always be intelligent people who will want to show to people the risks lurking all over the web. If we managed to get in the spotlight all over the world in just four months, then for sure others can be at least just as successful as we were."

The team thanked the visitors to the site and encouraged them to ‘continue to report vulnerabilities mailing the affected websites. Not to help site admins but rather, to inform innocent people of eventual problems caused by incompetency and lack of attention from the coders or sys admins'.

In a parting shot, HackersBlog claimed that the large companies will never admit to the problems they have, no matter how large they are, as it is common practice in the business to help maintain their public image.

The team said: "Don't swallow the bait. Official notes are only meant to disinform and mislead you from the truth about the dangers you were exposed to."

HackersBlog is a Romanian website that gained notoriety for recently exposing SQL injection vulnerabilities in websites of security vendors such as Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, F-Secure and BitDefender.

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