Google offers testbed for enterprise apps

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Google offers testbed for enterprise apps

Google Apps users will soon have access to new add-on features, including a Q&A feedback manager, a URL storage feature and a tool that facilitates quality software development.

The new features will be available through the new Labs for Google Apps service, which resembles the Labs feature that Gmail users have access to.

A feature called Google Moderator is designed to make it easier for forum operators to manage feedback. It provides a place where questions and answers can be gathered and prioritised, and enables users to vote in polls.

A tool called Google Code Reviews will enable best practice for software development by allowing users to collaborate with others to detect bugs in software. Google Short Links is a storage feature that allows users to keep all their URLs in one place.

Google Apps Product Manager Gabe Cohen said in the Google blog that these new features are just the start.

“We’re also planning on opening up the Labs for Google Apps platform to third-party developers, so that new and existing vendors can build apps for the million-plus businesses using Goole Apps today,” he added.
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