Google GreenBorder buy gets cautious welcome

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Google GreenBorder buy gets cautious welcome

Search giant's move could help raise security awareness.

Google's acquisition last week of browser security firm GreenBorder has been given a cautious welcome by industry players, who hope that the move will raise security awareness.

GreenBorder Pro protects against malware invasions and internet attacks by changing the operating environment using virtualisation and modified user permissions.

GreenBorder's technology will now have a much higher profile in the marketplace, according to Geoff Sweeney, chief technology officer at behavioural analysis firm Tier-3.

"This will raise public awareness that there is more to IT security than antivirus and digital signature analysis-based applications," he said.

Sweeney also hopes that Google's acquisition will draw attention to Tier-3's own solutions.

"Our Huntsman technology uses behavioural analysis to detect anything unusual happening on the host computer and/or network, and takes appropriate action to protect the organisation," he said.

"Like GreenBorder Pro, Huntsman allows companies to take a multi-vectored approach to security. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of the IT security industry reacts to this acquisition."
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