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Reactions to the first handset to use Google's Android mobile platform have been mixed, to say the least.

T-Mobile unveiled the HTC-built G1 on 23 September to much fanfare, but users and analysts criticised the 1GB per month data cap which puts the firm at odds with rivals AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, which typically have caps of 5GB.

T-Mobile has since bowed to pressure and promised to up the limit to 3GB per month.

Sony Ericsson, meanwhile, has voiced concerns about the new platform, saying: "If you want to give every service away to Google, then Android is the perfect solution."

Underestimating the power of Google to make things happen is, of course, unwise. But whether Android turns out to be 'the next big thing' or an embarrassing flop is still very much in the balance.

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