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Web content management firm SDL Tridion has released the results of its research into what elements of web site design most turn off internet users, coming in top is pop up advertising.

Seventy-eight percents of respondents said that this type of advertising was the most frustrating web experience, complaining that ads appeared at inappropriate times and were difficult to get rid off.

SDL said that this kind of annoyance was indicative of what it called "bimbo web design", saying that sites were often "attractive, but with no substance."

“First impressions count and no company wants bimbo characteristics on its website,” said Erik Aeyelts Averink, President SDL Tridion. “All ‘fluff’ and no content drives website users mad. Don’t push customers away and annoy them for no reason.”

Other complaints included the use of long introductions to web sites that cannot be turned off, the requirement to download new applications to view elements of a page, and a requirement to hand over a lot of personal information just to access company details.

“Companies need to ensure they aren’t alienating web users. The Internet is often the first port of call for research and a website deserves the same time and effort spent on other marketing materials. If companies continue in this way they will lose not only customers, but reputation" added, Averink.
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