Firewall signs AirMagnet, Bluesocket

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Security-focused distributor Firewall Systems has added AirMagnet and Bluesocket to its vendor ranks.

Security-focused distributor Firewall Systems has added AirMagnet and Bluesocket to its vendor ranks.

Firewall marketing director Nick Verykios said the addition of both vendors completed its Intrusion Prevention System vendor line-up.

"We are not interested in the infrastructure products that many vendors have, which they have some wireless security for.

"What AirMagnet and Bluesocket give us is security against rogue access points and unauthorised intrusion attempts onto networks with wireless devices. These two vendors secure all vendor wireless networks."

He referred to AirMagnet as the "democrats" of the wireless infrastructure world. "They keep the bastards honest. The bastards being all infrastructure vendors and their vulnerabilities in a wireless environment," he said.

The distributor would take on AirMagnet's Enterprise and Mobile product lines.

The Enterprise product is a wireless intrusion prevention solution that "hardens" enterprise WLANs and provides wireless security through remote monitoring, zero-configuration wireless sensors and compliance templates.

The Mobile suite -- which includes Laptop Analyzer and Handheld Analyzer -- is a wireless security and performance toolset that operates on a mobile platform. It allows users to canvass a wireless network, monitor for security breaches, troubleshoot network performance and ensure overall network health.

Cameron Esdaile, country manager at Airmagnet, said the Airmagnet products let administrators identify rogue access points on the network and breaches outside the security policies that they have deployed.

Bluesocket markets a range of security and management hardware and software products under the BlueSecure moniker. The latest BlueSecure 400 Controller is designed for branch/regional offices with up to 50 concurrent users and features Power over Ethernet capabilities.

The controller ships with BlueView Management System software. Its latest BlueSecure Access Point 1500 has dual radios supporting 802.11a/b and g standards.

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