Firefox market share drops

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Firefox market share drops

Safari and Internet Explorer gain ground on open source browser.

The world market share for the open source Firefox browser has dropped to 13.67 percent over January. The browser was running on 14.0 percent of the world's computers in December, according to data from Hitslink, a Web traffic measurement firm.

Apple's Safari browser claimed the largest market share gain, jumping from 4.24 percent in December to 4.70 percent in January. Microsoft's Internet Explorer was tagged at a 79.75 percent share, a gain of 0.09 percentage points.

Both Netscape and Opera lost market share.

By January about one third of all Internet Explorer users have switched over to using the new IE7 browser, leaving the majority stuck with the older version 6.

Firefox users meanwhile have been more eager to adopt the latest version that was launched last October. Roughly half of all users are on Firefox 2, the Hitslink data indicates.
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