Engin and Nokia offer free un-timed mobile calls

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Engin and Nokia offer free un-timed mobile calls

Users can now make free calls from their Nokia N95 mobile phones with Australian broadband phone service provider, Engin.

Meeting the increasing customer demand for cheaper mobile calls on their mobiles, Engin has joined forces with Nokia to allow users to make both voice over IP (VoIP) calls and regular GSM mobile phone calls from Nokia’s latest N95 multimedia computer.

Engin CEO Illka Tales says the two companies, which originally hooked up for the roll-out of the Nokia N80, will work together to bring savings to the Engin customer.

“Engin saw a great opportunity for Australians to make further savings on their telephone bills, considering at least 45 percent of all customer phone calls are made and received at home or in the home office – and the majority of these made from mobile phones, according to Nokia customer research, “ Tales told IT News.

To take advantage of mobile VoIP calls, Nokia N95 owners must contact Engin and sign up for an Engin account, such as the Engin National plan – users pay a monthly fee of $14.95, which allows them to make free un-timed local and national calls, or calls to mobiles at 22c per minute. It’s also free to call Engin to Engin.

Engin offers home users an average saving of up to 55 per cent on their monthly phone bills, cutting the cost of calling for over 60,000 families and small businesses across Australia, according to the company.

“With WiFi now available in many homes and offices, it’s easier than ever for Australians to make the most of the Engin network, and our low cost call rates using the new Nokia N95,” said Tales.

“There’s no need to switch to your landline to benefit from the call savings you make with Engin.”

The Nokia N95 (RRP $1,379) is an all-in-one multimedia computer with a unique two-way slide design, integrated GPS functionality and a five megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens.

Designed for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) networks, the Nokia N95 brings together wireless LAN (WLAN), EDGE and WDCDMA networks with support for Engin Internet calls.

“As the pioneer of Internet Telephony in Australia, Engin was one of the first to offer a wireless Internet phone (otherwise known as “VoIP”) service in Australia, using the Nokia N80. Now with the introduction of the NEW Nokia N95, Engin and Nokia are continuing to offer Australians high quality, free un-timed calls using WiFi hotspots,” said Tales.


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