eEye releases Zero-Day Tracker

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Researchers with eEye Digital Security released a new vulnerability tracking tool this week designed to help security practitioners reduce their risks of Zero-Day attacks.

The Zero-Day Tracker is the first industry site designed to exclusively disseminate information on zero-day vulnerabilities.

It provides information and analysis on unpatched vulnerabilities for which exploits are publicly available. It also offers remediation strategies and proactive steps that can be taken to protect organisations from these attacks.

"More zero-day security vulnerabilities and attacks are being discovered every day and dealing with them can easily dominate an enterprise's IT efforts," said Marc Maiffret, eEye's founder and CTO. "As a result, we've been overwhelmed by requests from our customers to give them the information and time they need to protect their networks. Our Zero-Day Tracker is a direct response to this tremendous demand."

The site currently has seven active Zero-Day vulnerabilities listed, and 18 resolved vulnerabilities archived.

Maiffret and his research team at eEye have long been known as leaders in researching zero-day flaws. The company claims that it has found more critical vulnerabilities in software than any other organisation in the world.

Most recently the company found a critical vulnerability in Adobe software that initially was reported as a denial of service vulnerability. After extensive research, eEye found that the bug was actually exploitable.

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