Ebay introduces bold changes

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Ebay is announcing changes to transform the jumble-sale business into a worldwide shopping mall.

Ebay will introduce more fixed-price items alongside the bargain hunting auctions the site is famous for – there will also, more importantly, be improved financial protection for buyers.

The global selling site has had a wobbly year as, with the £32.7m Luis Vuitton case top of the problem list, analysts began to question the company’s growth capacity.

Changes announced today are aimed at fighting off competition such as Amazon as well as helping entrepreneurs make the most of the fixed-price sales – buttering them up after the fallout over the new fee structure, Ebay?

Ebay denies that these changes, whilst encouraging the big retail partners they so badly covet, will push away the smaller dealers. A humongous rise from £500 to £30,000 will also be introduced to protect customers paying for goods through Paypal.

Clare Gilmartin, director of marketplaces for Ebay in the UK explains that, "We've been on this path for the last few years. There's no doubt this year has seen some very, very bold changes - necessarily so and entirely reflective of what our buyers and sellers want."

Gilmartin concludes by saying that, "If you are a buyer and searching on Ebay, you'll have far more chance of finding what you are looking for. In a credit crunch environment, it's far easier to shop around online for a bargain than it is offline."
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