Dell rolls out new data centre server racks

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Dell rolls out new data centre server racks

Dell has introduced a pair of rack-mount server models designed for data centres.

The new PowerEdge 4220 and PowerEdge 2420 systems are designed to expand the reach of storage servers beyond the traditional datacentre, and into smaller environments such as remote offices or wiring closets.

Each of the systems is equipped with more efficient power and cooling systems designed to allow them to run cooler without increasing power consumption.

The new servers are equipped with simplified power distribution units and cable management hardware.

Dell hopes that the features will allow the servers to function as units not only within larger datacentres, but as individual datacentres for smaller offices and companies.

"With the launch of our new rack enclosures, businesses of all sizes can manage their datacentres in a cost-effective and energy efficient way," said Dr Albert Esser, Dell's vice president of data centre infrastructure.

"Data centre racks are no longer just cabinets that house servers and storage; they are an integral part of building a powerful and flexible datacentre infrastructure to maximise IT productivity."

To help support the new servers, Dell will expand its support and consulting operations for data centres, including new support services and software tools to help design and build data centre systems.

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