Dell offers to remove bloatware

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Dell offers to remove bloatware

Pre-installed pre-installer uninstaller.

Dell has announced that it will be pre-installing a software utility that allows its US customers to more easily uninstall the variety of applications that the company pre-installs on some of its PCs. 

The PC vendor had received hundreds of complaints about the software, commonly referred to as bloatware, on its IdeaStorm website which launched in February. 

Commentators have pointed out that it can take skilled users hours to remove the unwanted programs, and that less tech-savvy users may never be able to remove software which they have no interest in using.

One IdeaStorm poster claimed that many of the items installed are "registered as spyware or malware with reputable antivirus and security software companies, specifically, Backweb and WildTangent Games". 

Dell has also expanded its pre-installed software opt-out offering on XPS products, Dimension desktops and Inspiron notebooks.

Customers will now have the option of choosing 'no software pre-installed' for items such as productivity software, ISP software and photo and music software when purchasing a new PC.

However, trial versions of antivirus software, Acrobat Reader and Google tools are still pre-installed, much to the wrath of several IdeaStorm users.

A user known as 'Fairplay' said: "When I say I want no software other than Windows and Office, I mean I want no software other than Windows and Office!"

Dell has defended this choice, claiming that a lot of customers select a subscription to a security service which includes antivirus and firewall capabilities, and that many expect their PCs to be protected at first boot.

Dell admits that its new uninstall utility does not remove all Dell-installed software on the system, but promises that it will continue to improve functionality to ensure that it meets customers' needs.
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