Deadline set for NBN info

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Deadline set for NBN info

Telcos in the running for the $4.7 billion national broadband network (NBN) have two more weeks to finalise and hand over the network information needed for the tender process.

Acting Communications Minister Anthony Albanese released the final draft document yesterday, setting the deadline for the end of the working day on 22 August.

Once the Government receives and verifies all of the required information, bidders will have 12 weeks to finalise and submit their proposals.

Telstra claims it is ahead of the game, having submitted all of its information on Monday, though the Government has yet to confirm if the submission is complete.

Telstra spokesman Jeremy Mitchell said the incumbent is tired of the deadline delays and anxious for the process to speed up.

“Now it's time to get this show on the road and reap the productivity benefits that this broadband network will bring to Australia as quickly as possible,” said Mitchell.

"We have no problem with the elected leaders on this, it's the bureaucracy that has the whole country in Heath Robinson land and is causing delay."

This news came about on the same day as Opposition communications spokesman Bruce Billson slammed the Government for its silence and lack of transparency over the network process.

Billson also claimed this draft document should have been released months ago and that extending deadlines would not rectify a 'dud' process

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