Controversial historian suffers email hack

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Activists steal account data from David Irving.

Author and historian David Irving has become the latest high-profile individual to suffer an email account breach.

Details from Irving's accounts on AOL and his personal web site were obtained by self-described "anti-fascist hackers" and posted online on November 13.

Among the data is Irving's email archives on both accounts, as well as customer lists and attendee lists for three of Irving's planned speaking trips in the north eastern US.

"Hitler-loving Holocaust-denying David Irving's speaking tour is being attacked on the streets and on the internet as he makes his way to speak on Saturday in New York City," wrote the hackers.

"We did this to expose this Nazi-sympathiser for who he is and to shut down/disrupt any possibility of Irving rearing his fascist head in public during his tour."

Hacking and information disclosure have become increasingly popular mediums for those involved in political actions in recent years. Denial-of-service attacks by Russian hackers have played a prominent role in that country's recent conflicts with Estonia and Georgia.

In 2008, a political opponent hacked and posted the email archive of US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, while opponents of the British National Party publically posted the party's complete membership list.

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