Cisco announces video-sharing platform

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Cisco announces video-sharing platform

Network titan Cisco has announced the launch of a media processing platform designed to simplify media sharing across device types, such as digital screens, mobile devices and PCs.

Cisco’s Emerging Technologies group senior vice president Marthin De Beer, said: “The proliferation of video as a communications and collaboration medium continues to drive new business models for our customers.”

The all-in-one system offers media conversion, production and network distribution for firms wishing to deploy targeted media, with the first product to launch being the Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3000, a hardware appliance dedicated to short-cutting media processing times.

One of the big problems with media is the processing between taking raw video media and its output through a media viewer, whether that is a PC or mobile device.

Cisco’s MXE 3000 appliance uses a so-called Windows-based configurable program dubbed a folder attendant to take in content and process it for viewing to specific devices, dependent on file type and other related job parameters. This allows automation of post-production capabilities such as video composition, authoring, watermarking, and text and image overlays, Cisco said.

Cisco also unveiled video-specific findings from its Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecast for 2007 to 2012, revealing that professional and traditional broadcast video content will become 80 per cent of all internet video viewed on PCs and laptops by 2012, and that global video-on-demand traffic more than doubled from 2007 to 2008.
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