Authentium moves to appease Microsoft

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Authentium moves to appease Microsoft

Security firm tries to avoid the wrath of the Redmond giant.

Authentium, the security firm that made headlines last week with claims that it had found a way to circumvent security built into the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, has denied claims that it is trying to undermine the security of the operating system.

Although the company said that if the "good guys" can gain access to the Vista kernel, so can sophisticated, well-financed hackers, Authentium has issued a statement confirming support for Microsoft's security implementations.

"We are Microsoft's partner and we support Microsoft's PatchGuard security technology 100 per cent," said Authentium.

"Contrary to some reports, the technology that we have developed in support of our VirtualATM product does not compromise PatchGuard.

"Our approach leaves PatchGuard in place and fully operational [and] adds a 'complementary' layer of security that further protects users of the Microsoft Vista operating system."

But it looks like Authentium is trying to avoid the wrath of the Redmond giant while hinting that Microsoft's kernel technology is inadequate and that users might like to 'improve' that security with Authentium's products.

"This is not about antivirus. Our Vista 64-bit antivirus products are fully compliant with Microsoft's mini-filter approach," the company said in its blog. 

"What we want Microsoft to do is continue to certify new security innovations, such as our TSX technology, as it has always done, so we can provide better protection against financially motivated threats.

"We believe that a certification system is necessary so that non-Microsoft companies can provide these organisations with a choice of innovative approaches, specialised products or localised services."
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