Apple looking for single European iPhone operator

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Gadget maker looking for convenient upgradeability.

Apple is looking to team up with a single mobile operator for its iPhone in Europe.

Pascal Cagni, vice president for Europe at Apple, told German IT publication Heise that the move would allow the company to roll out new services more easily.

But he added that, if a single mobile operator is not possible, Apple will cooperate with multiple partners.

Operators with a large European presence include Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

The iPhone is slated for availability in the US by June through Cingular at prices ranging from US$499 to US$599.

Apple is preparing to start shipping the iPhone in Europe by the end of this year, but has not yet disclosed pricing for the region.

Amazon Germany listed iPhones at €899 to €999 (US$1,165 to US$1,294) for a brief period recently. Cagni categorically denied that the Amazon prices offered an accurate indication of the mobile phone's European cost.
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