Apple is worth more than Google

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After centuries in the computing industry, fruit-themed toymaker, Apple is finally worth a fair bit of money.

In the movie Forrest Gump, the character of the same name made a fortune on the back of investing in Apple in the early days. Now if Gump still has those shares he would be even wealthier.

After yesterday's trading, Apple was officially worth US$159 billion. The cash cow Google was worth just US$157 billion. The reason that Apple, and therefore Gump, are worth so much are the iPod and iPhone which have taken their markets by storm.

While the outfit has been around for a really long time and should have been worth a fair bit, the truth is that is has been stuck for a fair bit of the time. It is only since the iPod and the iPhone have come around that Apple has been a player in anyone's game of monopoly.

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