AMC readies Perth high-density data centre

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AMC readies Perth high-density data centre

Starts selling rack space.

AMC Data Centre will next month begin the fitout of a 239 square metre space south of Perth, a facility capable of rack densities of up to 30kW.

The centre had 120 saleable racks that were being offered on a per-rack basis from today, according to AMC managing director Justin Thomas.

"At this stage we're not offering the racks in halves or quarters," Thomas said.

The centre had been designed to support high densities for future customer requirements.

"We have to size it for the next 20 years," Thomas said.

"We want to get it right today so we have the flexibility tomorrow to give clients more options to take power as they need it or as their technology requirements increase over time."

Thomas said that despite the high densities, the centre will operate with a raised floor, rather than putting racks directly onto the slab, but the sub-floor plenum would be limited to power cabling.

Air-conditioning and heat exhausts were both built into the ceiling of the data centre, he said. The racks used the Chatsworth vertical exhaust duct system.

Thomas said the centre's core switching would "operate with zero oversubscription with up to 128 x 10 Gbps ports (100Gbps ready) and over 6 Tbps backplane speed distributed over dual fibre path cabling infrastructure with approximately 3:1 oversubscription at the Access layer switches with 20 x 1 Gbps ports (over path A+B) per rack and 10 Gbps server connections optional."

The AMC centre is located in one of the newest technology parks in the Perth metropolitan area. It is officially in Henderson, 23 kilometres southwest of Perth and 11km south of Fremantle.


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