Ageia rewrites laws of PhysX

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Ageia rewrites laws of PhysX

CellFactor: Revolution game makes the most of PhysX processor.

Graphics card firm Ageia has finally got the chance to show off its hardware-accelerated PhysX processor for PC gaming with the launch of CellFactor: Revolution.

Created by Artificial Studios and Immersion Games, the free first-person shooter is designed specifically for Ageia's PhysX processor to produce hyper-realistic cloth, fluid and debris gameplay effects.

PhysX powers interactive worlds which Ageia claims obey the laws of classical physics.

The hardware firm has built a cross-platform software development kit to simplify advanced physics programming for the PhysX, as well as next-generation gaming consoles.

CellFactor: Revolution will automatically detect players with a PhysX card, offering the option to progress through the single-player campaign mode that includes three 'extreme PhysX' levels as well as a multiplayer option.

Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios, said: "It is an exciting time to go gold with CellFactor: Revolution which shows off some great technology and introduces fun and original physics action to a crowded first-person shooter genre."
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