Welcome to your new-look SC Magazine

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Welcome to your new-look SC Magazine

We've got a brand-new look in SC Magazine from this month, with a fast-paced new opening section that is designed to give you as complete a picture of what's happening around the world of IT security as you'll find anywhere.

With the help of some of the best researchers in the business, we have assembled a range of statistics that will give you an instant picture of where threats are growing or diminishing. Whatever you need to know about the changing threat landscape, we'll have the answer.

And in a new section on jobs, some of the industry's leading practitioners will provide us with their views and advice each month.

We have, of course, retained our high-profile interviews (Steve Linford of Spamhaus this month), features and the best product reviews section in the business.

Why the changes? With so much happening every day in the world of IT security, we had to find a new way to encompass the major events.

Our website (www.scmagazine.com) is now attracting more than 400,000 page impressions each month, and climbing. The site tracks events as and when they happen, and offers visitors a great way to stay up to the minute with security developments. We also have plans in the works to make it even more useful, but you'll have to wait for that.

Our monthly print edition has a different job to do. It needs to provide more context and perspective, and should help readers get a better understanding of the 'why' and the 'how' trends happen.

Individual events need to be put into context, and analysed. For instance, in March we saw an attempt to steal money electronically from the Sumitomo Mitsui Bank in London thwarted by the National HiTech Crime Unit. This behind-the-scenes operation, which began last autumn, resulted in an Israeli hacker being arrested and charged.

But what does this mean for other companies that risk becoming targets of similar scams? We look at the implications, and seek advice from experts on how to block and detect this kind of hidden program.

Our features focus on some of the most pressing issues of the day – how to control wireless networks and beat off denial-of-service attacks, a favoured new tool of the criminal classes.

I do hope you enjoy this new approach. We've worked hard to create a package that will equip you with the information you need, in an easily digestible form. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.

In the meantime, I hope to see some of you at the Infosecurity conference later this month, and at the lavish SC Awards dinner on 26 April.

Ron Condon is editor-in-chief of SC Magazine

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