Review: First Look: Blackberry Storm compared with iPhone 3G

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Review: First Look: Blackberry Storm compared with iPhone 3G

Vodafone's grabbed itself an exclusive on the Blackberry Storm, but is it an exclusive that was worth it? We've unpacked a Blackberry Storm and given it a quick spin, and comparison with the iPhone 3G - here's our initial impressions.

It's a bit of a shock coming face to face with a Blackberry with no keyboard at all, and even with only a bit of exposure to the Storm, we're still finding it a bit tougher than we'd expect to type and tap accurately.

It's not quite as excruciating as HTC's sluggish Touch Diamond, but it's definitely going to be an acquired taste, as is the tappable screen, which operates for all intents and purposes just like the single-tap-button pad on the new Macbook and Macbook Pro lines.

RIM has at least gone for nice large icons, so you're not delicately trying to select too small an area with each tap.

So how does the Storm compare to the iPhone 3G? Both have large touchscreens, the Storm is slightly heavier at 155g vs 133g for the iPhone, both have GPS, while the Storm boasts a 3.2MP camera vs 2MP for the iPhone.

One major difference is the lack of WiFi on the Storm - possibly a big deal if you rely on your office/home wireless. Another big question will be whether Blackberry can match Apple's App Store.


Blackberry Storm

Apple iPhone 3G

Phone Bands

Quad Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900Mhz), 3G HSDPA

Quad Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900Mhz), 3G HSDPA




Screen Size

3.25" 360x480

3.5" 480x320





"Valued" at $899 (but not available to buy outright), only available on minimum $69/month 2 year plan

Caps range from $29 upwards; available unlocked for around $900.


Onscreen QWERTY or SureType Keyboard

Onscreen QWERTY keyboard.





3.2 Megapixel

2.0 Megapixel




Web Browser

Blackberry Browser

Mobile Safari

Application downloads

"Coming Soon"

Via iTunes App Store

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