Getting ready for a hybrid work future

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Getting ready for a hybrid work future

Learn how hybrid workplace platforms and models are helping organisations.

Today’s workforces offer staff more flexibility than ever, and business leaders have a great opportunity to take advantage of the modern workplace, saving them time and money.

In many organisations, staff members are no longer expected to be physically present in the office every day. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as productive.

In fact, a recent Pitcher Partners survey of 1,300 Australians revealed that 70 per cent of employees have a desire to continue hybrid working and spend two to three days a week in an office.

With 28 per cent of people saying the biggest benefit of hybrid working is flexibility, and around one in four (24 per cent) enjoying less commute time and costs, hybrid working is winning people over.

At Jasco Consulting, we are specialists in building modern, secure workplaces and have decades of industry experience. This allows us to transform organisations to facilitate the new way of work, and not just take existing unsecure practises to remote locations.

To showcase the capabilities for this important workplace shift, we are hosting an online event which will demonstrate how hybrid workplace platforms and models are helping organisations maximise staff productivity. We will also showcase security features that can provide a secure workplace for staff and organisations.

Jasco is one of 14 Microsoft partners in Australia chosen to be a part of the Microsoft Accelerator Cloud Program. This means we have the capability to provide our customers with security solutions that are second to none.

Think ahead to prepare for change

According to our CEO, Sue Vander, Jasco Consulting has pioneered a Thinking Ahead approach to the hybrid workplace. As a result, our staff were equipped with the most innovative technology prior to the pandemic.

“At the beginning of COVID-19 we had advanced systems in place that allowed us to shift to remote working overnight. This enabled us to continue successfully serving our customers,” Vander says.

Jasco Consulting is currently operating under a hybrid work structure, which is already bringing benefits to staff and increasing service levels.

“We offer our staff flexibility, and prioritise their health and wellbeing,” Vander says. “Giving employees a choice and empowering them to decide how they want to work should result in a more engaged, productive workforce.”

As we are seeing during the pandemic, lockdowns and other disruptions, including natural disasters, can be sporadic, which can be detrimental to an unprepared business.

A hybrid workforce is less disrupted by unforeseen circumstances and staff are less stressed about how a sudden disruption might affect them.

How Jasco delivers hybrid working

Our first-hand experience with hybrid working has enabled us to educate customers on its limitless benefits.

These benefits range from saving operational costs to improving staff efficiency. We have found the hybrid working model boosts staff morale whilst still achieving business objectives.

In the hybrid model, staff can effortlessly transition between working at home and in the office without hassle, continuing to work with others regardless of their location.

Jasco’s in-depth knowledge of the technology means we can create a strategy that facilitates a successful hybrid working model, in line with customers’ business needs.

Today’s tech meets the hybrid work need

Microsoft Teams brings together calling, meetings and collaboration across various devices to help lay the foundations of a hybrid workforce. Combined with a new generation of audio and video Microsoft Teams Rooms devices, staff in your office and home-based office environments can work together as one.

Not only can Jasco Consulting deploy the right solutions, but we can also service customers with the right equipment and devices to facilitate hybrid working in a secure environment. With cyber-attacks more prominent than ever, customers need secure solutions that extend the boundaries of security, protecting them regardless of their location.

Jasco Adapt: The Hybrid Workforce

To learn more about how hybrid working can save operating costs, improve productivity and boost staff morale by increasing flexibility, please join us at Jasco’s Hybrid Workforce event which will demonstrate the future of work.

The event will guide you through the enhanced features within Microsoft Teams, the benefits of having Microsoft Teams Rooms and will show you how to get the most out of your meetings by integrating Microsoft products.

Microsoft Teams Rooms brings tech magic into your meetings to enable your teams to work like they are all in one place. The event will involve Poly, which will showcase its latest Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.

Watch the on-demand virtual event here.

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