Automation is the answer

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Automation is the answer

The shift to automated enforcement will make the problem of security manageable

Today's network infrastructure moves information traffic in a fast, reliable manner, but does not have the security enforcement capabilities to prevent attacks.

But network infrastructure is beginning to change. Organisations realise that any system or device connected to a network can be the catalyst for a significant security incident and, as a result, are beginning to develop architectures in which systems are dynamically admitted to the network. The shift to automated security enforcement at the heart of the network infrastructure will make the problem of security manageable and will significantly reduce the breeding ground for viruses and worms.

Several network infrastructure vendors have announced initiatives and partnerships with security vendors to deliver integrated and automated network admission management architecture. These integrate elements of security assessment and enforcement to automate network security. This will have a significant impact on preventing worm outbreaks, as well as on controlling network access based on the application, the credentials of the user, the extent of security exposure and the health of individual endpoint systems.


Automation will revolutionise the security industry by increasing revenues and reducing cost. No longer can single technologies be presented as the ultimate solution for security; it takes a holistic and automated approach to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Moving security into the core of the network via automation allows engineers to focus on core IT activities. This is the real vision of effective security infrastructure: an environment where vulnerabilities are identified and addressed dynamically, leaving engineers to focus on creativity and innovation.

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