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Editorial Enquiries

To provide a media release to Digital Nation Australia please send the details to

For story pitches contact the journalists directly. Please be prepared to provide a short synopsis of 100-150 words outlining why the story is relevant to the Digital Nation Australia audience, the executive/s you wish to introduce to our staff, and any relevant research or data supporting your pitch.


Velvet Belle Templeman

Athina Mallis

Diversity: Digital Nation Australia encourages and advocates for diversity in its reporting so please consider this in your pitches when deciding which executives you wish us to interview.

Interviews: All interviews will be conducted by video unless otherwise agreed and the interviews will be conducted on the basis that we will use some or all of the footage in the story and potentially other stories. As a matter of policy, our editorial team will not provide videos, articles, scripts or other material for review prior to publication.

Clarifications: Please contact us immediately if you feel an article contains incorrect information or mispresents your views. You must provide the correct information if you wish to dispute any facts in the story. Depending on the circumstances we may require evidence from you where facts are in dispute. Not liking a story, or not liking the tone of a story is insufficient grounds for clarification.

Embargoes: Our policy on embargoes is that our agreement must be sought in advance.


Our Staff


Velvet-Belle Templeman

Phone: 9901 6175

Mobile: 0406988891


Editorial Intern

Tom Duvall


Head of Digital Media

Josh Lundberg

Phone: 99016158


Group Managing Editor

Andrew Birmingham

Mobile: 0418206123


Commercial Content

Commercial Editor

William Maher

Phone: 9901 6194


Client Services Manager

Joanne Ross

Phone: 99016334



Group Sales Manager

Steve McDonald

Phone +61 (02) 9901 6365