ASG deploys collaboration suite for Queensland electricity provider in four days

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ASG deploys collaboration suite for Queensland electricity provider in four days
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Digital solutions and services provider ASG Group worked with Queensland electricity provider Powerlink to deploy a collaboration suite in four days at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work enabled Powerlink’s employees to work remotely during the outbreak, despite strict restrictions across Queensland that forced many businesses to shut down.

It also made it possible to host a virtual all-staff town hall meeting, led by Powerlink’s (Interim) Chief Executive, involving more than 600 employees.

And it enabled Powerlink to continue functioning effectively to keep over four million Queenslanders connected.

When the pandemic began, critical services providers including government agencies and utilities, faced the challenge of equipping employees with the tools and reliable connectivity so they could continue supplying high-quality services to customers.

Fortunately for Powerlink, it had decided months earlier to introduce digital and technology innovation across its organisation to allow for more cloud-based service offerings and to reduce reliance on on-premise systems.

That decision proved fortuitous. At the onset of the pandemic, Powerlink had already worked with ASG Group on a successful foundational mobility project to deliver Office365 services and collaboration tools.

With the support of ASG Group, which has a proven track record of delivering major IT projects, Powerlink made the decision to forego its planned incremental upgrade, and rapid deploy Office 365 Cloud Services and collaboration tools including SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

Dean Langenbach, Chief Executive Officer at ASG Group, says: “Because of ASG’s experience with Microsoft technologies, our strong relationship and understanding of Powerlink’s business, and our past work with other clients in this area, we were confident that we could deliver the project safely, in rapid time.

In a project like this with fast deadlines, it is critical to ensure high security requirements are being met and that we are not taking on unnecessary risk or making oversights that could impact on future planned projects.

Our proven methodologies and strong Microsoft partnership was key to this.”

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