Watchdog warns of SMS-based attacks

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Watchdog warns of SMS-based attacks

You've won the lottery.

Identity thieves are using an SMS-based lottery scam to target Australian consumers.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has warned of an SMS scam targeting Victorians that purports to be a notification for winning third prize in the lottery.

The scam text message asks recipients to call a number and provide their own telephone number, which results in multiple return calls asking victims to provide their banking details and pay a 'commission' before receiving their prize.

The badly worded message reads: "Last notice: Your mobile No. has won 3rd prize, the cert No.:L6501,pls contact us asap, you right will be cancel if it overdue,GSCI:03-90xxxxxx"

ACMA chairman Chris Chapman advises consumers who receive the message to ignore it and then report it to the ACMA.

"It might seem like you have hit the jackpot, but we remind consumers that this is a scam and under no circumstances should you respond to this message or provide your banking details,' Chapman said.

One carrier reported that over 6,000 telephone calls had been made to one of the numbers before it was shut down.

The SMS attack is similar to the Nigerian 419 scams, which are commonly sighted in any email inbox.

The scams use social engineering to trick consumers into revealing personal details and open themselves up to identity fraud.


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