US broadband take-up slows

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The latest study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project shows that US take-up of broadband is slackening off, and that many dial-up customers have no intention of upgrading..

The number of US homes with broadband now stands at 55 per cent and adoption rates have dropped off markedly.

Meanwhile, one in 10 Americans are currently using a dial-up connection and many do not intend to upgrade to broadband.

Nearly two-thirds of dial-up users have no interest in switching to faster broadband connections, most citing cost or convenience. The majority of these are women living in rural areas.

More worryingly, over a quarter of Americans have no internet access at home, the majority of whom are either elderly or on low incomes.

"Although these demographic and socio-economic factors are powerful forces keeping some people off the net, many non-users are not completely disconnected from cyber-space," said the report.

"Some 21 per cent of non-users said that someone in their household uses the internet at home, and a fifth of current non-users have used the internet at some time in the past."

However, a third of non-connected households reported that they have no interest in using the internet at all.

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