Spyware hits three-quarters of UK firms

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Spyware hits three-quarters of UK firms

Most firms cannot identify attackers.

Over 73 percent of UK businesses suffered a spyware attack in 2006, and 19 percent were unable to identify the source, it was claimed today.

A survey of 203 UK organisations conducted by security firm Peapod reported that companies find it increasingly difficult to protect their networks, and many have not yet identified all areas of risk.

While 57 percent of businesses have banned instant messaging (IM) in the workplace, nearly 70 percent use methods to enforce the ban that are obsolete, easy to circumvent or completely ignored, the poll found.

"The survey shows that technology is not the only answer when viewed in isolation. It is also down to the user to play a key role in ensuring that spyware does not get a foothold in the infrastructure," said Chris Durnan, managing director of Peapod.

"This is particularly relevant with IM, which is a communications tool with some pretty emphatic benefits for those who use it correctly, but carries a nasty sting for anyone careless or ignorant."
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