Skype launches user-generated guides

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Skype launches user-generated guides

SkypeFind lets users rate and review their favourite businesses.

Skype has unveiled Skype 3.1 for Windows, introducing two new services dubbed SkypeFind and Skype Prime Beta.

SkypeFind is a community-generated guide that lets users rate, review and log their favourite businesses no matter where they live.

Since launching in beta three weeks ago, SkypeFind has attracted more than 4,500 listings in over 124 countries, and the company expects these listings to increase to over a million by the end of the year.

A recent report from Forrester Research suggested that more than a quarter of online consumers have submitted a rating or review of a product or service, or contributed to a discussion board.

Sten Tamkivi, general manager of e-commerce for Skype, claimed that SkypeFind "brings the global community to your doorstep" and that Skype users "love sharing knowledge with one another because it is so liberating and empowering".

"SkypeFind is so easy to use, even if you're abroad. If you're travelling in France and you want to find a great restaurant, just log onto Skype, click on SkypeFind and you have recommendations you can trust, direct from the Skype community," he said.

The beta release of Skype Prime offers a marketplace for users with expertise or knowledge to sell information to others.

Skype Prime offers Skype users the chance to make money and reach potential customers all over the world, provided they are using Skype 3.1 for Windows.

Fees are paid using PayPal either on a one-off or per-minute basis, although users are subject to a 30 per cent charge by Skype for using the Skype Prime service.

"Skype Prime is all about making the world a smaller place. If you are a financial advisor or astrologer, a sports coach or a tutor and you want to sell your expertise online, Skype Prime opens up a whole new market by letting you sell your knowledge to Skype's global community," said Tamkivi.
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