Obama launches anti-smear web site

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Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, has set up a web site that aims to counter political smear tactics..

The fightthesmears.com site was set up to counter an increasing number of false stories about the presidential candidate, such as the story that his wife used the term ‘whitey’ in a speech or that Obama himself is a Muslim, which a recent poll found 11 per cent of American believed to be true.

"We will not allow Michelle — or, for that matter, Barack — to be defined by rumours," Obama adviser Anita Dunn told Time.

His campaign team are now actively recruiting supports to seek out such rumours and send them in so that they can be officially debunked on the site. It also includes and automated mailing system so that the correct information can be sent on to others.

The idea for the site came after the increasing use of the internet to spread rumours about political figures, including Obama.
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