MelZoo takes on Google with split-screen search

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MelZoo takes on Google with split-screen search

The latest in a long line of challengers to Google emerged at the weekend with the launch of a search engine called MelZoo, which has been designed to maximise user productivity.

The site differs from most other web search tools in that the results screen is divided in two. The left side shows search listings, while the right side displays the corresponding web pages.

MelZoo claimed that this feature speeds up the search process by making sites load quicker, and by removing the need for users to keep multiple tabs and browser windows open to preview search queries.

It also means that users do not have to click on individual results to see the desired page, or switch back and forth between web site and search engine.

MelZoo differs from its rivals by not charging advertisers when users simply preview their site, meaning that only "true and meaningful hits" are charged via the cost-per-click model, according to the firm.

"MelZoo has improved the experience of browsing the internet in a totally different way. For years people have used an old technique - text only - to browse the web. MelZoo has revolutionised the way users will browse the web," said MelZoo chief executive Alex De Backer.

"In addition MelZoo is a welcome novelty for the advertisers, as it offers higher quality visitors at a lower cost."
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